PHONEIX FIRE is a clan that was created in December of 2013 after the leader's former clan began fall apart around him. They have about 55 members.

We are the fire that burns beneath the surface of the Sun


The leader, VolatileDessert, was once division leader of CUG (which fell apart due to poor leadership and unfairness. After the CUG crumbled, he made his own clan to show his leaders how a clan is supposed to be run. 

The clan was started because VolatileDessert has appropriate traits for leading and admires the clan lifestyle. Their goal is to provide entertainment, collect a large number of members and alliances, and to prove themselves to the public.

What sets them apart from other clans is that they are strict but also very understanding and they aren't discriminating about who they let join whatsoever. Something interesting about them is that they are active across multiple games but they are predominantly a Halo Reach clan.

They also have a member who scares recruits with his deep voice but isn't above screaming like a little girl when he's scared. 

Hell's fire runs rampant alongside our bullets

Notable MembersEdit

VolatileDessert - Leader


XxTHExM0NSTERxX - Co-leader

Other RecruitersEdit



death gone wild

Th3 Slender Man

Noticeable Loyal Snipers



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